Minecraft Mania
April 14th 2:00PM-5:00PM

NEO Gamers

We are the little-league for young gamers who love playing nonviolent video games with kids their own age. NEO Gamers teaches kids about the importance of teamwork while providing a safe environment to do what they love... play video games!

About Us

Learn move about our mission and passion to bring young Gamers together.

Upcoming Events

Minecraft Mania Saturday April 14th 2:00PM-5:00PM at Grace United Methodist Church in North Canton.

About Us

NEO Gamers brings kids together to teach teamwork, instill confidence, and show off their mad skills through video games.
We are committed to being the little-league for young gamers.

NEO Gamers was founded on a very simple idea... bringing kids together that love playing video games. Co-founders, Kodie and Tommy, have coached little-league sports teams for years and realized many kids would much rather be playing video games than baseball or soccer.

From this they decided to create a safe environment for kids at all skill levels to come together to not only play video games but learn through instructors similar to how they would through traditional sport leagues.

Events created by NEO Gamers are for kids that may not be very athletic or may excel at sports. With a focus on nonviolent video games, every young gamer is on an equal playing field regardless of athletic ability.

  • Teamwork

    Teaching young gamers how to collaborate and work together.

  • Confidence

    Creating a safe environment for kids to show off their gamer skills.

  • Social Interaction

    Bringing kids together with similar interests to create new friendships.

  • Fun!

    Providing an outlet for young gamers to come together and create lasting memories.


Contact Us

We would love to hear from you with any questions, comments, or feedback on our young gamer events.